So who is buying property in Portugal this year…?

Once again we are seeing a wind change in the property market. Over the last couple of years the French market has been dominating not only the space in magazines but also keeping most of the estate agents busy, however, we are starting to see a step change this year.… View Post

Is the Algarve Sun Starting to Shine on Golden Visas?

The Golden Visa scheme was introduced in 2012 and was seen by many as a fast track way not only to sell property to foreigners who wanted a European Visa but also as a get rich quick scheme for many would-be agents. At B&P we looked at this scheme with… View Post

What Today’s Buyers Want

At B&P we receive approximately 30 clients per week, 52 weeks of the year. From this volume of clients we get a clear understanding of their wants and likes. These range from current fashions to standard features. So what are these current trends and, if your property does not have… View Post

Property Sales and the Web

We bought B&P back in 2011. The recession was at its worst and friends & colleagues thought we had lost the plot when we announced we were buying the ailing agency here on the avenida. Resort Resales had been relatively successful at our Luz office, being the only bespoke resort… View Post